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Nowadays, wearing a wig or hair piece is commonplace.  The frequency of cancer treatment and with nearly 2% of adults affected by alopecia, it is completely acceptable that wigs are worn to overcome hair loss.  In fact, many women regularly wear a wig or hair piece purely for cosmetic reasons too – one of our quality ladies wigs can completely transform your appearance and confidence. 

What’s different now?

The fact is; the way wigs are manufactured has been completely revolutionised.  Wearers can now choose from a range of ultra-thin, breathable bases; luxurious real or silky soft synthetic hair and an endless range of gorgeous colours.  Highlights, lowlights, root-colours – whatever you want whichever style – it’s yours!  Wigs are incredibly realistic; often look better than the real thing and can be easier to manage and style than natural hair!

We at Natural Wigs pride ourselves on providing beautiful, quality wigs for ladies and hair pieces for women like you who want amazing hair.  Our consultants are amongst the most experienced in the UK so you’re in safe hands.

In this section, you’ll find advice on wig types, guidance on measuring plus hints and tips to get the best out of your wig and look your best.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that…?

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Which wig is best for me?

There is no hard-fast rule about which wig you should pick because it entirely depends on your personal preferences.  Please be reassured however, that all of Natural Wigs ladies wigs ranges are hand-picked for quality, style and durability.  We can help you through your decision-making process but if you need to speak to a dedicated consultant, feel free to contact us.

Monofilament top wigs

Monofilament is type of material which forms the top of a hair piece or wig. It’s a very thin, gauze-like woven nylon fine mesh fabric on to which each strand of hair is hand knotted. The fabric is almost transparent and extremely breathable which means it’s an ideal match to the scalp and very comfortable to wear.

Each hair is attached to the base in a way that allows it to ‘swivel’ – this permits very versatile styling.  If you like to wear your hair with a definite parting or close to your scalp a monofilament top wig might suit you well. This top is normally combined with a hand knotted or machine wefted back.

Lace front/lace top

Lace front or lace top wigs feature a skin-like piece of lace that matches your scalp.  Individual hairs are then attached - the overall effect is hair looks like it’s growing out of your scalp.  These wigs are incredibly realistic and comfortable!

Hand-tied wigs

This type of wig is lighter in construction as the hair or fibre is attached in fine strands across the stretchable, comfortable base.  The manufacturing method can form a whole base or part.  Normally reserved for shorter wigs, lace hair pieces are more delicate and suitable for tender scalps.  Great care must be taken when handling this wig! 


Machine-wefted wigs are very popular, less expensive and offer an enormous choice of styles.  The hair or fibre is sewn, by machine, in wefts or strips on to a base of lace strips at the crown, back and top. This method of manufacture is often combined with a hand tied or monofilament top.  Machine-wefted wigs are ideal for styles with volume at the crown.

Which style suits you?

When choosing the correct hair piece, the first thing you must consider is your face shape. There are five basic face shapes which suit certain styles:


An oval face has no dominant area and looks very harmonious because the face is evenly balanced. Consequently, oval faces look good with almost any hairstyle.


The round-shaped face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. In round faces, the neck usually appears short.

Solution - combing height in the top and crown sections, when possible, tends to diminish roundness. Long, wispy side areas help to make the cheeks look narrow. Combing the hair close to the head on the side and nape sections can give the illusion of a narrower face.


A square face is characterized by a wide hairline and jaw.
Solution - combing a fringe to the side creates the illusion of an oval face. Curly texture and wisps of hair around the sides of the face break the wide straight lines common to the square face.


The diamond-shaped face is characterized by a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones.

Solution - since diamond face shapes are widest at the upper cheekbones, hair should be styled close to the head here. A fringe to disguise the narrow forehead with fullness around the jawbone can create a more balanced look.


A heart-shaped face is characterized by a large, wide forehead (often with a widow’s peak) and a narrow chin.

Solution - rebalance a heart shape face by choosing a style that features a fringe to slim the forehead area. A pageboy-type style is good for the lower sides of the face. Hair that is combed forward at the eyes will narrow the face. Fuller hair around the jaw, below and in front of the earlobes will add width where needed.

How to take Measurements

To obtain the circumference of your head, it’s best to use a flexible measuring tape.  Place the tape where you want your hairline to begin and wrap the tape around your head, slightly above your ears.

Usual size dimensions are:

Petite                    50cm to 52cm or 19 3/4 to 201/2 inches
Average                53cm to 56cm or 21 to 22 inches
Large                    57cm upwards or 22 1/2 upwards

If your dimensions differ from above e.g. if you are measuring for a child, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.  Many wigs are adjustable and some wigs are available in ultra-petit and extra-large sizes.

Ladies wigs - wash and care instructions 

General Wear

To prolong the life of your hair piece, all wearers are advised to:

  • Keep your own scalp clean on a daily basis
  • Avoid exposing the unit to strong sun and direct heat
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or specialist brush, dragging the teeth rather than digging in.
  • Refrain from using harsh chemical products (e.g. super-strength hairspray)



This type has a nylon base and can be washed regularly at home.  Directions are usually on the label and maintenance is simple.  At all times avoid exposure to direct heat.  Note that rubbing hair on clothing may cause fibres to fray.  To wash:

  • comb the hair from tips to the root and turn the unit inside out
  • add shampoo to tepid water in a basin
  • immerse the unit and gently press it up and down. DO NOT rub.
  • repeat if necessary with fresh shampoo
  • rinse the unit in clean, cold water and add conditioner (some conditioners may not need to be rinsed out – check label)
  • carefully blot the unit with a towel to remove excess water
  • turn the unit the right way and gently shake it
  • allow it to dry naturally – never use direct heat

The original style of the hairpiece should return after it is fully dried.


These can be gently shampooed at home using the same procedure as above.  Use a conditioner for real hair.  The products may be set using soft rollers and left to dry overnight or gently blow dried using a cool setting.  Always use a wide-toothed comb or specialist brush.  Never pull the hair tightly as it can break or become detached from the base.


Please check with your supplier on the correct procedure.  Some European hair units are labelled ‘Dry Clean Only’ and it is very important to adhere to these instructions.  These must be professionally cleaned and reset by the supplier regularly.


These wigs or hair pieces can be washed and styled at home as follows:

  • comb the hair from tips to the roots
  • add hair shampoo to tepid water in a basin
  • immerse the hair and gently press it up and down
  • rinse in clean, cold water and add human hair conditioner
  • as with all real hair, rinse out the conditioner
  • carefully blot the hair with a towel to remove excess water
  • the hair may be gently blow-dried on a cool setting or dried naturally
  • avoid over-use of straighteners, rollers and other heated products
  • never pull the hair tightly as it can break or become detached from the base


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