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Eyelashes Instructions

Eyelash Application

  1. Remove the eyelashes carefully out of the box (tweezers may help)
  2. Using the adhesive edge that holds it in the box, attach the eyelashes to the upper eyelash edge
  3. Work from the inside outwards, starting slightly inside the inner corner of the eye
  4. Remove the eyelashes again and cut off any excess length
  5. Apply a little glue to the hand and a small amount along the eyelash edge.  Use a little extra adhesive for the innermost and outermost ends
  6. Apply the eyelash from the inside outwards using fingers or tweezers

Eyelash Extensions Application

  1. Apply a little glue to the hand and remove an eyelash extension carefully from the box with fingers or tweezers.
  2. Dip the 'root' in the glue and place it on the eyelash edge, holding it firmly in place for a moment.
  3. Work efficiently from the inner side outwards as the glue dries quickly.  After a few minutes, the white glue will turn transparent

Removing Eyelashes or Extensions

  1. Starting from the inside of the eye and working outwards, carefully remove the lashes
  2. Clean the eye with cleansing milk, lotion or standard make-up remover
  3. Carefully loosen the adhesive from the eyelash edge with your finger and place the eyelash back in the box

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