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What is a monofilament wig?


Monofilament is type of material which forms the base of a hair piece.  It’s a very thin, gauze-like fabric onto which each strand of hair is knotted.  The fabric is almost transparent and extremely breathable which means it’s an ideal match to the scalp and very comfortable to wear.

Each hair is attached to the base in a way that allows it to ‘swivel’.  This allows for easy styling of the wig.  Nowadays, most monofilament bases are fitted with small, discreet cords that allow the wearer to adjust the fit of the wig as necessary.

Natural Image   and Amore  offer some fantastic, high-quality monofilament wigs.


Which is best for me – a synthetic or a human hair wig?


No type is better than the other – it simply depends on your needs.  Synthetic hair is incredibly natural, resilient and tends to hold one particular style.  So, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like spending a lot of time on your hair, a synthetic hairpiece might be for you.  However, it is not advisable to use heated products on this type of hair piece otherwise you will damage the hair.

A human hair wig is treated similarly to natural hair – it can be washed, blow-dried and styled (using heated products) any way you like.  Real hair wigs require more effort to maintain - however, their appearance can be very realistic.

Thanks to advances in technology there is a new human hair product available called Freedom® (link to page).  This state-of-the-art, real hair wig creates a vacuum between the hair and scalp which means it’s impossible to accidentally dislodge the hairpiece.


Go to our Collections to view the extensive range of synthetic and human hair wigs.



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How do I wash my hair piece?


It is always best to check your supplier’s instructions but we can provide general information on washing certain types of wigs.



In general, ALL wearers are advised to:

  • keep the scalp clean on a daily basis
  • avoid exposing the unit to strong sun and direct heat
  • avoid rubbing hair against coarse clothing as this can cause fraying
  • use a wide-toothed comb or specialist brush
  • refrain from using harsh chemical products (e.g. super-strength hairspray)

General care instructions for:


Modacrylic Stock Size Hair pieces


This type has a nylon base and can be washed regularly at home.  Directions are usually on the label and maintenance is simple:

  • comb the hair from tips to the root and turn the unit inside out
  • add shampoo to tepid water in a basin
  • immerse the unit and gently press it up and down
  • repeat if necessary with fresh shampoo
  • rinse the unit in clean, cold water and add conditioner (some conditioners may not need to be rinsed out – check label)
  • carefully blot the unit with a towel to remove excess water
  • turn the unit the right way and gently shake it
  • allow it to dry naturally – do not use direct heat

 The original style of the hair piece should return after it is fully dried.

Processed Human Hair pieces

These can be gently shampooed at home using the same procedure as above.  The hair may take longer to dry naturally and gentle blow drying using a cool setting is possible.  Only use a wide-toothed comb or specialist brush.

European/Real Hair Wigs


Please check with your supplier on the correct procedure.  Some European hair units are labelled ‘Dry Clean Only’ and it is very important to adhere to these instructions.

European/Real Hair on a Moulded Base

Other European hair pieces can be shampooed at home as follows:

  • comb the hair from tips to the root
  • add hair shampoo to tepid water in a basin
  • immerse the hair and gently press it up and down
  • rinse in clean, cold water and add conditioner
  • as with all human hair, rinse the conditioner out
  • carefully blot the hair with a towel to remove excess water
  • the hair may be gently blow-dried on a cool setting or allowed to dry naturally
  • avoid over-use of straighteners, rollers and other heated products

Can I use heated products on my hair piece?


In general human hair wigs can withstand heated products but it is advisable not to use heated appliances on synthetic hair.  Always check with your supplier.

In both cases of human and synthetic hair, we recommend that you treat your hair piece like skin and protect it from extreme weather.  For instance, wear a hat when sunbathing or outdoors in heavy rain and wind.


How secure are hairpieces?


Very secure.  Partial hair pieces are secured in a number of ways: by semi-permanent bonding to your own hair; by using specialised small clips or by hypoallergenic tape.  Certain real hair wigs such as a Freedom® Wig fits has vacuum suction and is designed not to come off in any circumstances.  Ready-to-wear wigs can be customised to fit and some of our wigs have patented non-slip bases that provide extra security.

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