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Human Hair Wigs

If you want a hair piece or wig made of natural human hair then look no further. We stock the best 100% human hair wigs from renowned suppliers across the world. 

Human hair wigs – or real hair wigs – are an incredibly natural and effective hair loss solution, particularly if you are experiencing long term hair loss e.g. alopecia. If you favour a longer, straighter style, many of our human hair wigs are in long hair - which will ensure a longer life than similar acrylic fibre wigs.

At Natural Wigs and our hair loss treatment centre at A&A Studios, we only stock human hair products from ethical, reputable suppliers. Custom made human hair wigs can be made with European natural hair. Ready-to-wear wigs in natural European hair at the luxury end of the market are also available – see Follea and Freedom sections below.

Most of our ready-to-wear, human hair wigs are made from processed, tangle-free, hair from quality suppliers which means we can be sure of origin and quality. The hair is soft, shiny, clean and pure. In other words, it can look and feel even better than your own natural hair!

Why choose a human hair wig over an acrylic wig?

Many people automatically think that a human hair wig will look much more natural than acrylic hair. However both types have their particular advantages. Acrylic fibre wigs are much less expensive and come in a multitude of styles and shades. Unfortunately however, they don't last as long in wear. Human hair is stronger and longer lasting - better for natural, unfussy styles. Fibre wigs wash easily and come in straight, wavy or curly styles. After shampooing, it is simply a case of "shake and wear". Human hair needs looking after as your own hair would i.e. shampoo, condition, blow drying etc. Many clients gain great comfort and re-assurance from human hair because of its natural appearance and feel.

So, choosing a human hair wig can offer many benefits – particularly if you love styling your hair!

View our ready-to-wear human hair wig ranges here

Human hair wigs – for extra security and comfort we offer from Freedom Wigs. These are European, natural hair "vacuum" wigs for total hair loss and for those still blessed with some, or thinning hair. Follea ready-to-wear wigs in European hair with non-slip bases are an excellent choice for those who desire quality and luxury. In addition, we create custom-made wigs with many other bases including lace and lace front wigs using various types of hair.

Freedom Wigs produces superb custom-made, natural European human hair wigs with a special silicone moulded base which creates suction between the wig and scalp. The 'vacuum' means that it's virtually impossible for the wig to accidentally slip off. Freedom wigs are designed for those with total hair loss and gives absolute security with an all over, scalp-like appearance. To read more about the Freedom range at our A&A Studios sister site click here

Follea is a luxury brand which has created beautifully-styled, ready-to-wear European human hair wigs in a range of rich natural colours. Some are made with secure technology called The Gripper™ and offer wearers both comfort and security, especially those with some hair of their own. To read more about the Follea gorgeous range click here

Human hair wigs are a wonderful way of dealing with your hair loss and living life to the full. If you need any help or assistance choosing your human hair wig, please get in touch.


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