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Real Hair Custom-made

follea wigs and freedom wigsA&A Studios is delighted to offer new answers to permanent hair loss!  Better than anything we’ve seen before, these revolutionary real hair products are called ‘Freedom Wigs’ and ‘Follea: Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair’. Both different types of wigs are literally transforming lives worldwide. 

We’re proud to be one of the few suppliers in the UK selected to offer these exceptional ranges to you.

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Freedom Wigs

Clients who have chosen a Freedom wig tell us that they feel completely liberated; that opportunities have opened up to them and that they can lead a much freer, happier, active life…

It goes without saying: we wholeheartedly endorse Freedom® wigs.  So what makes these products so special?

The 'science' behind a Freedom® real hair wig

martineThe Freedom® wig uses special suction technology that creates a vacuum between the hair and the scalp.  This means it’s almost impossible to accidentally dislodge the wig.  Manufactured by New Zealand-based Freedom® Wig Ltd, the hair piece really is unique and, in our customers’ experience, it quite literally gives wearers the freedom to do whatever they want in life.

How is it made?

Due to the high quality of a Freedom® wig, the manufacturing process takes three months or more:

  • a hair colour match is selected and a cast of your scalp is made (a trial mould cap is necessary so that the final silicone cap fits perfectly)
  • the colour match, hairstyle details and cast are sent to New Zealand to be manufactured
  • to obtain a realistic look and parting, human hairs (100% untreated) are inserted into the silicone cap 1,2 or 3 hairs at a time
  • the individual’s new wig is returned and a customer fitting arranged
  • all wigs can be cut, styled and highlighted according to your preference

A Freedom® wig can also be repaired if necessary and normally lasts between 1-2 years.


maire“Most of the time I forget I’m wearing my wig.  The suction is excellent and it’s allowed me to do bodyboarding, diving and para-sailing!  The piece is very light and comfortable to wear, even in Australian humidity.  In fact, it’s so natural-looking that a wig seller with 25 years’ experience didn’t realise I was wearing a wig – she said it’s the first time she’s ever been fooled!  I would have no hesitation recommending a Freedom Wig to any alopecia sufferer.”

carolyn“I can sympathize greatly with anyone who has experience with alopecia. It is extremely frustrating to be so powerless over the unknown process.  Over a ten year period, I lost my hair five times!  The product from Freedom wigs is without a doubt the best on the market. It’s fantastic that I can swim, snow ski and generally enjoy family life without a care about my hair or lack of it. It has given me untold confidence and freedom. I can now step out with my husband with pride rather than sink into the background. The funny thing is that no-one knows. The wig is so real, even the most observant people are fooled!  After over 20years with this condition, I can get on with my life without all the heart wrenching emotion of being different.  Quite frankly, I have never had such a glorious head of hair.”

Why should I choose a Freedom® Wig?

The Freedom® wig is incredibly realistic, durable and ideal for those, men or women, who need a long-term solution to hair loss.

Because the Freedom® wig replicates the colour of the scalp, it can be tied back, pinned up etc. The wig is incredible versatile and suits anyone with long-term hair loss who just wants to get on with leading an active and happy life!

Linda Achampon, senior consultant at A&A Studios, welcomes the arrival of the Freedom wig, “I’ve fitted countless different types of hair pieces and wigs for those with long-term hair loss, alopecia and so on, but customers are astonished at the quality and security of a Freedom wig. The wig instantly restores confidence.”

The Freedom® Wig in action ...

“The Freedom Wig has changed my life. It looks just like the real thing and, because of its staying power, I don’t have to tell anyone about my hair loss if I don’t want to…”
Fiona, Dunfermline

“I used to live in constant fear of my wig falling off. Now I don’t have to worry – the Freedom® wig is so incredibly realistic, it has literally transformed my life. I can now go on holiday, lie on the beach and swim in the sea without the usual worry and stress!”
Jane, Edinburgh

“I’ve been in the hair loss business for over sixty years and, as far as I’m concerned, the Freedom® wig is the next best thing to a cure for those with total alopecia.”
George Theurer, Director, A&A Studios Ltd.


Read how the Freedom® wig changed others’ lives in Success Stories.

If you’d like to find our more about the Freedom® Wig, contact us today...

Follea: Nature's Most Beautiful Hair

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Follea products have genuinely transformed many of our clients’ lives.  Each product is absolutely stunning – thanks to both outstanding luxury real 100% European hair and superb craftsmanship. 

This is a hair replacement product that brings a new standard of luxury, glamour and high fashion to the market.

Not only do Follea products feature incredibly natural-looking hair, they are also extremely secure.  So what exactly can you expect from the range also known as Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair? ™  Check out the video below…


why choose FOLLEA?

As a result of customer requests, pleas, feedback, suggestions and ongoing research, Follea has developed a range of products inspired by real women’s needs.

Follea real hair products are ideal for women with significant or permanent hair loss e.g. alopecia areata, alopecia totalis.

Each cap is manufactured using Swiss lace that is breathable and lightweight. Since the hair is hand-knotted onto the cap (the knots are invisible), the movement and appearance of Follea hair resembles your own hair.

The hair softness and shine is second to none. Each product features a beautifully-crafted, lace-front hairline which is also undetectable.

Furthermore, thanks to special technology, these premium products do not need tape or glue to keep them in place. This means the wearer can lead a happy and normal, active lifestyle.


In response to customer requests, Follea has developed a base where security and comfort are paramount.  The innovative result is a base called The Gripper which has silicone panels and added hair density.  The Gripper is available in several options including Gripper Sport, Lux and Cool.  Hand-tied lace top, open lace fronts, softly-lined interiors or closely-wefted backs are also available.

“I am amazed how The Gripper stays put.  I don’t have to worry about it slipping off.  The hair is beautiful and I have received so many compliments since I started wearing The Gripper Cool.  Thank you Follea, from the bottom of my heart!”
BJ Cobb

Follea-wearer and active sportswoman Makayla shares her story in this short video:

Find out more about The Gripper here.


Daniel Hafid, president of Follea: Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair™, understands that women want to look as beautiful as possible. He knows women demand even better quality products.  This is why Follea features only the best hair, superior craftsmanship and maintains exceptionally high standards.

We at Natural Wigs are bowled over by the quality of Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair and we guarantee that each piece is:

  • extremely natural-looking
  • secure – with or without tape
  • lightweight, cool and breathable
  • made with the highest quality European human hair
  • available in three lengths, 5", 8" & 12"
  • easy to care for and style
  • suitable for partial or total hair loss

If you'd like to find out more, contact us today.

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