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What Suits You?

When choosing the correct hair piece, the first thing you must consider is your face shape.  There are five basic face shapes which suit certain styles:



An oval face has no dominant area and looks very harmonious because the face is evenly balanced.  Consequently, oval faces look good with almost any hairstyle.




The round-shaped face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones.  In round faces, the neck usually appears short.

Solution - combing height in the top and crown sections, when possible, tends to diminish roundness.  Long, wispy side areas help to make the cheeks look narrow.  Combing the hair close to the head on the side and nape sections can give the illusion of a narrower face.



A square face is characterized by a wide hairline and jaw.

Solution - combing a fringe to the side creates the illusion of an oval face.  Curly texture and wisps of hair around the sides of the face break the wide straight lines common to the square face.



The diamond-shaped face is characterized by a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones.

Solution - since diamond face shapes are widest at the upper cheekbones, hair should be styled close to the head here.  A fringe to disguise the narrow forehead with fullness around the jawbone can create a more balanced look.



A heart-shaped face is characterized by a large, wide forehead (often with a widow’s peak) and a narrow chin.

Solution - rebalance a heart shape face by choosing a style that features a fringe to slim the forehead area.  A pageboy-type style is good for the lower sides of the face.  Hair that is combed forward at the eyes will narrow the face.  Fuller hair around the jaw, below and in front of the earlobes will add width where needed.

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